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Granite City Tour - 2009













Early in November, Cory O'Neel invited the Ames Brewers League (ABL) and Iowa Brewers Union (IBU) up to Ellsworth, IA for a tour of the Granite City worthouse.  All the wort for the entire Granite City chain is made at this facility.  They brew an average of 4 batches each day Monday through Friday.  One of the newer parts of the facility was the yeast propagation area which can be seen enclosed in plastic in one of the pictures below.  Cory was also kind enough to bring in 4 kegs of beer for the club members to enjoy while asking him questions and touring the facility.  Typically, all the wort is shipped off to the restaurants where it is fermented, transferred, and served.  He also brought out a bunch of hops that he no longer had a use for including Challenger and some Slovenian Celeia hops that I hadn't even heard of.   Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to do it again as they make more additions to the worthouse.