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Archived Homepage Posts

2017 Ames Brewers League Raffle



We had a great turnout at the raffle this year thanks to a great selection of donations from various local breweries, businesses, homebrew shops, and online vendors. Thank you very much to everyone who donated items and attended the raffle to buy tickets to support our club!!!  We were able to raise a $950 to fund current and future club events.  We will use a portion of the money to support a current BJCP judging study class, supplement the club's participation in the upcoming 2017 HomebrewCon in Minneapolis this summer, and various other club events.  Thank you again to everyone who donated and participated to make the event a great success!  Here are a few pictures from the event along with a list of our generous donors.




515 Brewing

40 lbs Centennial Hops (11%aa)

Hat & shirt

2 x tulip glasses

2 x Beer Coupons


Lesaffe/Fermentis Yeast

Yeast Packets – 5 of each

-          W-34/70, WB-06, T-58, S-33, S-04, S-23, BE-256, K97, S-189, US-05

Hats, shirts, pint glasses, coasters (2)


Five Star

24 x PBW

Pens & Stickers


LD Carlson

10# Avanguard Malt

1# Goldswaen Brown Supreme Malt

1# Goldswaen Red Caramel Malt

Chocolate Chili Stout Kit (1 gal)

Yellin’ Melon Extra Pale Kit (5 gal)

10 x Brewers Best Wine/Bottle Openers



Wyermann Barke Munich 10# (2)

Simpons Golden Promise 10# (2)

Irish Stout Malt 10# (2)

Simpsons Double-Roast Crystal (4)

Patagonia Black Pearl Malt (2)

Weyermann Carafoam (2)

8 oz Azacca Hops

8 oz Mandarina Bavaria Hops


Mark Simpson

Wooden bottle case – handmade

Signed copy of “Brewing Better Beer”

Barn Town Brewing

Pint Glasses (2)

Snifter Glasses (2)


Torrent Brewing

Pint Glasses (2)

50 # Sack Briess 2-row


Boone Valley Brewing

“Brewer for a day”

-Brew a 40 bbl batch for winner & guest!


Olde Main Brewing

50 lb Pale Malt

Galena Hops


Alluvial Brewing

50 lb Golden Promise

Experimental Hop Samples


Firetrucker Brewing

Growler w/ $20 fill coupon


New American Brewing

3 x T-Shirts

Pint Glasses


Reclaimed Rails

2 x Pint Glasses


Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card

2 x T-Shirts


Wyeast Labs

4 x Prize packs (bag, t-shirt, coozie)



Rock Bottom Brewery

Growler w/ Case & Fill Coupon


Morning Bell Coffee Roasters – Main Street

1 lb Arizona House Blend

1 lb Mexico Blend

1 lb Brazil Blend


Little Woods Herbal – Main Street

Belgian Wit Spice Mix

Eternal Youth tea & tea ball


Fox Brewing

$20 Gift Card

Pint Glass



C&S Brew Supply

2 x $20 Gift Cards

1 Gallon Fermenter Kit

2000ml flask

C&S Growler

2# Cara Rye x 2

1# Chocolate Malt x 2

1# Special B x 2



Full Court Press

2 x $25 Gift Cards good at all locations

(el Bait Shop, Royal Mile, Fongs, Buzzard Billy’s, Mullets, High Life Lounge, Hessen Haus)


Peace Tree Brewing

$20 Gift Card



Confluence Brewing Company

55lb Sack of Golden Promise

$20 Gift Card

4 x Tulip Glasses

Stickers & Coasters



Science of Beer & Brewing



Ames Brewers League member & current President Dr. Scott Nelson gave a great presentation on the Science of Beer & Brewing at Torrent Brewing Company!  Scott provided in-dept information on the process of brewing, which included topics such as the malting process, enzyme activity, how yeast multiply & convert sugar to ethanol, and many other interesting topics. There was a great turnout for his presentation, and the brewery was filled with people interested in hearing about the more scientific aspects of brewing.  Great job Scott!





2016 Mead Day


We had great weather for this years ABL Mead Day hosted by Mark & Colette Simpson!  Several buckets of apples were crushed and pressed along with a few batches of mead being mixed up.  Everyone who attended brought several different types and bottles of meads, beer, and cider for sampling among the group.  A great time was had by all!




2016 Big Brew Day at Torrent Brewing



The Ames Brewers League setup a few different brew systems in front of Torrent Brewing Company to celebrate national Big Brew Day. There was a lot of foot traffic earlier on in the morning for a local food truck showdown down the street, so the club was able to hand out business cards and talk through the brewing process with a few people. The weather turned a bit rainy around noon, so since the current beers being brewed were almost finished, we called it a day at that point. Overall, it was a fun event to get the club together as well as provide anyone interested in the brewing process a little more detailed look at what's involved.



2016 Ames Brewers League Raffle


We had another great ABL raffle this year! Since we started meeting at Torrent Brewing Company, we decided to hold our raffle there and have a potluck for food which worked out great.  I didn't get as many pictures as usual and missed images of all the grain donations we had that came in a little later, but as you can see from the image below, we had a great turnout.  We'd like to thank all the people and businesses that donated to our raffle this year as well as Torrent for hosting.  With the help of all our donors, we were able to raise close to $800 to fund our club activities for the year.  Thank you to all of our donors and members who purchased raffle tickets at the event!





Confluence Brewing

55lb Golden Promise

Tasting Glasses (4)

$20 Gift Card



C&S Brew Supply

Growlers (2)

$20 Gift Cards (2)

Pint Glasses (2)



T-Shirts (4)

Hats (2)

Lanyards, Stickers, Magnets







Yeast (US-05 & S-04)

Weyerman Munich (5 lb)

Irish Stout Malt (5lb)

Grain Samples (5 varieties)

Mandrania Bavaria Hops (8 oz)

Citra Hops (8 oz)


Full Court Press

$25 Gift Cards (2)


Madhouse Brewing

Gift Basket (2 Bombers, coozie, bottle opener)


515 Brewing

5 lbs Simcoe Hops

T-Shirts (2)


Boone Valley Brewing

Growlers w/fill coupon (2)



LD Carlson

Chocolate Milk Stout kit (5 gallon)

Cranberry Dark Wit kit (1 gallon)

Cider House kit (6 gallon)

Wine/Bottle Openers (3)


Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card



Andrew Koehring (Bells)

2011 Excentric Ale (4)

Bells Sachel/Cooler

T-Shirts (2)

Ceramic Coasters

Patches & Buttons


Olde Main Brewing Company

50 lb Rahr Pale Malt (3)


Alluvial Brewing

50 lb Rahr Pale Malt

Pint Glasses (2)


Lallemand Yeast

Nottingham (10)

Munich (10)

Abbaye (10)

Munich Classic (10)

BRY-97 (10)

Belle Saison (10)

Windsor (10)


Exile Brewing

Growler w/ fill coupon

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters

1 lb Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee (2)


Granite City Brewing

Various Grain Samples

Various Hop Samples


Torrent Brewing Company

Dark Star Burner

Growlers w/ fill coupon (2)


Mark & Colette Simpson

T-Shirts (5)

Glassware (12)


Christine Wydert



Firetrucker Brewing

Growler w/ fill coupon



Star-San Sanitzier (15)

PBW Cleaner (15)



Yeast Packets (5 of each)

US-05, S-04, S-33, S-23, W-34/70, T-58, Abbaye, WB-06

Calculators, Lanyards, Coasters, Pens


Reclaimed Rails Brewing Co

Pint Glasses (2)


Founders Brewing

T-Shirts (2)



2015 Ames Brewers League Raffle



We had another great raffle this year for the Ames Brewers League, and with the help of all our donors/sponsors, we were able to raise over $700 for the club!  We really appreciate all the organizations & businesses that donated items to the raffle this year.  We couldn't do it without you.  Also, we'd like to thank Olde Main for hosting this even for the last several years.  They are always very accommodating and really bend over backwards to help us out.  Check out the pictures below and also a list of all our sponsors and donations for the year.  Cheers!






-Baseball Hat


LD Carlson

-Honey Brown Ale Kit

-AM Pale Ale BIAB Kit


Full Court Press

-2 x $25 gift cards


Five Star

-PBW – 1 lb (24)

-StarSan – 8oz (24)


Fermentis/Lasaffre Yeast

-Yeast (5 each US-05, S-04, T-58, Abbaye)

-Box Openers

-LED Flashlights (12)

-Bags, Coasters, Pens



-Mexican Cerveza Kit

-Shirts (6)

-Hats (4)

-Bottle openers, coasters, pens, notepads, mini-mugs



-Yeast (10 of each)

BRY-97, Abbaye, Nottingham, Windsor, Belle Saison, Munich)



-50 lb Irish Stout Malt

-Growlers w/ $12 gift card (2)

-T-shirts (2)


Brewcraft USA

-Magnum hops (1 lb)

-Vanguard hops (1 lb)

-Hop sample packs (centennial, fuggle, Willamette)

-Mangrove Jack Yeast (3 x M4, 3 x M79)

-BeerStix American Oak

-Brewing Spices (coriander, bitter orange, paradise seed)



 -4 gift bags (shirt, other)


-Growler w/ fill


Beer Crazy

-$50 Gift Card

-T-shirts (2)

-CO2 Charger


BSG Handcraft

-Specialty Malts (3)

-10 lbs Weyermann Pils

-10 lbs Rahr Pale

-10 lbs Crisp Marris Otter

-10 lb Irish Base Malt

-8 oz El Dorado Hops


White Labs

-T-shirts (3)

-Yeast Coupons (5)

-BrewMaster Game


Bells Brewing Co (Andrew & Liz)

-T-Shirts (3)



-Stickers & Coozies


Torrent Brewing Company



-Pint Glass

-Stickers & Coasters


MadHouse Brewing Company

-Gift Basket (Beer, glass, chocolate, metal beer bucket)


Granite City Brewing Company

-Hops (Willamette, Sterling, Tettnang)

-30 lbs 2-row

-Specialty Grains (Abbey, Brown, -Crystal 70/80 & 135/165, Caramunich 3, Roast Malt, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate)


C&S Brew Supply

-$15 gift cards (2)

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Bottle Openers (2)

Exile Brewing Company

-$20 Gift Card



Boone Valley Brewing Company

-Boston Rounds w/ Fill & Carrier (2)


Groernfell Meadery

-Flannel Sweatshirt

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Stickers (10)



-5 lb CO2 Tank Fill


Rock Bottom Brewery

-30 G Cody Road Bourbon Barrel

-Rocktoberfest Krugs (12)


Twisted Vine Brewing

-T-shirts (2)

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Magnum Hops (2 lb)

-Saphire Hops (1 lb)

-Cascade Hops (1 lb)


Mucky Duck

-$20 Gift Card


Olde Main Brewing Company

-50 lbs Rahr Pale (2)

-50 lbs Golden Promise

-50 lbs Weyermann Munich

-50 lbs Weyermann Vienna


Flix Brewhouse

-Movie passes (4)


515 Brewing Company

-Mt. Hood Hops (2 lb)



Founders Brewing Company

-T-shirts (2)


Lauri Glasgow

-6-piece glassware set


John Mogler

-15 gallon fermenter


First Meeting at Torrent Brewing!



We had a great first meeting at Torrent Brewing! The brewery is really coming along and the guys are hoping to be open sometime middle-late November. We had one of the biggest turnouts for this meeting since people wanted to check out the brewery. There were also a couple new people that came that were interested in the club, so that's always a good sign right after moving meeting locations. We look forward to this new partnership with Torrent Brewing and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

2014 ABL Mead Day



We had a great turnout for this years annual ABL Mead Day! We made a few batches of mead and of course sampled some meads from different club brews. Mark and Colette were great hosts as always. We had a table full of crock pots and different food that members brought for people to snack on throughout the day. Mark served a couple kegs of his Russian Imperial Stout that he ages in a Jack Daniels barrel, and they were great. Several other members brought beers that they've been saving for a special occasion. All in all, it was a great day to enjoy a sunny day outside.

NEW Business Meeting Location - Torrent Brewing!



With Wallaby's moving to their new location at the end of September, they will no longer be able to accommodate our ABL club meetings.  We greatly appreciate Wallaby's generosity over the years by allowing the club to meet at their restaurant and bring in samples of our homebrew when no one else in Ames would.  Our September 9th meeting will be the last one held at Wallaby's, so let's make it a good one!


After discussing new meeting locations, Torrent Brewing Company has generously offered to allow the ABL to meet at their brewery, and we are happy to accept!  Starting in October, the business/competition meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month) will be held at Torrent Brewing.  We look forward to this new partnership and hope to see it grow over the years.


Upcoming Meeting Info/Recap:

September 9th - Last meeting at Wallaby's

October 14th - First meeting at Torrent Brewing Company!


2014 Iowa State Fair Beer Competition Results



Check out the State Fair Homebrew Competition results HERE.


Ames Brewers League 2014 Raffle



We had a great time at our annual raffle as always this year, with even more prizes and attendance than previous events.  We greatly appreciate all the organizations that donate items to the raffle each year.  This year, we were able to raise around $800 to fund the club and our activities.  Thank you to everyone who made the event a success!



Raffle Donations


Granite City

44 lbs Glacier Hops

3 lbs Summit Hops

3 lbs Apollo Hops

1 lb Cascade Hops

1 lb GR Tettnang Hops

1 lb Willamette Hops

Assorted Malt

(2-row, wheat, brown, C70, C150, Brown, Chocolate, CM3)

T-Shirts (3)

Hats (2)


Olde Main

50 lb Rahr Pale (2)

55 lb Golden Promise

55 lb Wyermann Munich

55 lb  Wyermann Vienna

T-Shirts (2)


Boone Valley Brewing Co.

Boston Round Growlers (2)

Boston Round Carrier

Gift Card for 2 refills


Lallemand Yeast

Yeast Packets (25)

-Munich, BRY-97, Windsor, Nottingham & Belle Saison


LD Carlson

Equipment Starter Kit

Brewers Best Pale Ale Kit


Five Star Chemicals

PBW (4)

Super Moss (4)

Star-San (4)

Foam Five Star Toys (lots)


LD Carlson

Equipment Starter Kit

Brewers Best Extract Kit


Raccoon River Brewing Co

Sack of Grain (coupon)

1 lb Hops (coupon)

T-Shirts (3)



Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card

 Bottle Opener

T-Shirts (3)

Black & Tan Spoon


Court Ave Brewing Co.

11 lbs Vanguard Hops


Twisted Vine

1 lb Northern Brewer Hops

1 lb Columbus Hops (leaf)

T-shirts (2)


Keg Stand

Assorted Beers

(Sam Adams Tetravis, SN 2013 Bigfoot, Stone Lucky Bastard, Rogue 2012 Imperial Stout, Stone Old Guardian, Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Bourbon Barrel Aged)


White Labs

T-Shirts (3)

Free Yeast Coupons (5)

Brewmaster Game



T-Shirts (3)

Hats (3)

Polo Shirt

Brew Calendars (2)

Notepads (4)


Brew Your Own Magazine

1 year subscription (new or renewal)

Rock Bottom

55 lb Pilsner Malt

55 lb Wheat Malt

Glassware (10)

T-Shirts (3)


515 Brewing

2 lbs Pacific Jade Hops

Glassware (2)


Brew Day with 515



$10 Gift Card

Pint Glasses (2)


Number 7 Brewing

Growler & fill (2)


C&S Brew Supply

Glass Carboy

Wooden 6-pack holder


EZ Cap Bottle


Full Court Press

$25 gift cards (2)


Arrowhead Hops

T-Shirt & Koozie pack (2)



5 lb CO2 Tank Refill



Extract Brew Kit 



Free Yeast Coupons (4)

T-Shirts (2)

Hats (2)


William's Brewing

Glassware (3)





Oktoberfest Competition Information


A page has been setup for our Oktoberfest Competition later this year that includes Competition Information, Entry Forms, and Bottle ID Forms.  This will be the first BJCP competition that the ABL has hosted, so we're hoping everything goes smoothly.  Check out the link below or click the "Oktoberfest Comp" link on the left sidebar to check out the competition page.

Oktoberfest Competition Page

2013 Summerfest Brewing Demonstrations

This summer, the Ames Brewers League had an opportunity to show the community about the brewing process and homebrewing in general.  We all had a great time talking with people, handing out information sheets, and giving people business cards.  Even though it started pouring rain later in the day, it was still a fun event.  Here are a few pictures:



ABL Logo Redesign


After working through several different logo designs, the Ames Brewers League decided to go with the image above.  We worked with a very talented graphic designer named Luke Leidal who was able to take our ideas and present several different options.  The website has been mostly updated, and we will be working on updating several other club items including our banner, business cards, and flyers.  Also, look for a t-shirt and merchandise order in the future.

2013 ABL Raffle



We had another great turnout for the raffle this year, with a record number of items donated and people attending.  With the help of all our sponsors and people who donated items, we were able to raise close to $800 to benefit the club.  Thank you to everyone who donated items to the raffle, Odle Main for hosting the event, and everyone who came and purchased tickets. We couldn't do it without you!

2013 Raffle Donations

Granite City

55lb Belgian Vienna

50 lb Rahr Wheat

55 lb CaraMunich3

55 lb British Crystal 35

4 lb Apollo Hops

4 lb Cascade Hops


Raccoon River Brewing Co

50# Grain Coupon

1# Hop Coupon

Grain OR Hop Coupon

Mug Club Glasses (2)

Pint Glasses (3)

2XL Hoodie

Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Court Ave Brewing Co.

22 lbs Glacier Hops

22 lbs Strisselspalt Hops


Cyclone Liquors

Paulaner Krug

Specialty Beers (3)



Austin Homebrew

T-Shirts (3)



T-Shirts (2)

Boulevard Hat


Bottle Opener


Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card

 Bottle Opener





Olde Main

50 lb Rahr Pale (3)

55 lb Golden Promise

40+ Sample Mugs


Boone Valley Brewing Co.

Growler & Carrier

Boston Rounds & Carrier

Pint Glass



5 lb CO2 Tank Refill


Keg Stand

$25 Gift Cards (2)

3 Cases Stone Bombers


Full Court Press

$25 gift cards (2)


White Labs

T-Shirts (2)

Yeast Coupons (5)

Brewmasters Game




Dunkelweizen Kit




Bells Hat


Bottle Opener




Hats (2)

T-Shirts (2)

Yeast Coupons (4)

Yeast Posters


Rock Bottom

55# Crisp Pale Malt

RB Ofest Krugs (2)

Pilsner Glasses (2)

Pint Glasses (2)

T-Shirts (4)


Twisted Vine Brewery

1 lb NB Hops

Pint Glasses (2)

Free beer coasters



Arrowhead Hops

T-Shirts (3)

Cascade Hop Samples (4)



$10 gift card

Sample Glasses (2)

Pint Glass


Northern Brewer

$15 gift cards (2)

Stocking Caps (2)

Brewing TV Hat

NB Belgian Snifters (3)


Fresh Hops

4 oz Willamette (2)

4 oz Cascade (2)

4 oz Nugget (2)

8 oz Amarillo *

8 oz Centennial *

4 oz Citra *

4 oz Simcoe *

*Club Purchased*


Hops Direct

5 # Willamette Hops


Hop Soaps (3)

HD Flash Drives (3)

2012 ABL Winter Potluck


Eric and Susan hosted a fun day of food and great beer where everyone brought a food item to share along with homebrew and any special bottles of commercial beer they had been aging for a special occasion.  As you can see from the pictures, we ended up with a lot of both.

ABL 2012 Mead Day


Mark and Colette hosted another great Mead Day this year. Even though the dry weather prevented us from crushing any apples or pears to make cider/perry, we made a couple batches of mead and melomel and enjoyed batches from previous years.

ABL Club Article & Video



One of our members (Mike Young) was recently approached by an ISU student named Matt Wettengel who was producing a short video for one of his classes.  After completing the video, Matt was very interested in the brewing process and hobby, so he decided to write an article about it for the first publication of Sir Magazine, which is a GSB funded student magazine.  The ABL also decided to put an advertisement for the club next to the article in order to boost membership and raise awareness of our organization.  Below, you'll find links to the Sir article, video, and ABL advertisement that was placed in the magazine.

Sir Magazine Article - 2012

Brewing Video from Matt Wettengel

ABL Advertisement in Sir Magazine


2012 Annual ABL Raffle



2012 Raffle Pictures


We had another great turnout for our annual raffle this year, and we'd like to thank everyone who donated items as well as everyone who came and bought raffle tickets.  There were a ton of great prizes to give out this year, and we were able to make around $900 to help support the club.  I've listed out everyone who donated items to the raffle below.  Thank you again for all your support for our club!


Olde Main

  • 3 50 lb Pale Malt Coupons
  • 50 lb Golden Promise Coupon
  • 2 $20 Olde Main Gift Cards
  • 3 Olde Main t-shirts

Court Ave

  • Pilsner
  • Munich
  • CaraMunich 40

Rock Bottom

  • Canadian Pilsner Malt
  • 3 RB Glasses
  • Free drink & meal tickets

Fresh Hops

  • 1 lb Centennial
  • 2 x 4 oz packages Nugget
  • 2 x 4 oz packages Willamette
  • 2 x 4 oz packages Cascade

Hops Direct

  • 5 lbs Willamette (6%AA)
  • Hop Soap Sampler


  • 4 Wyeast t-shirts
  • 4 Wyeast Yeast Coupons

White Labs

  • 5 x 50% off coupons
  • BrewMaster Board Game
  • Yeast Posters

Austin Homebrew

  • 3 t-shirts


  • Dunkelweizen Extract Kit


  • 2 t-shirts
  • Hat & Summit Bag


  • Gift Pack


Granite City

  • 3 cases beer (bock, pale, lager)
  • 50 lb bag Red Wheat
  • 50 lb bag Munich
  • 2.5 lbs Apollo Hops (18.5%AA)
  • 2.5 lbs Cascade Hops (7.5%AA)

Raccoon River Brewing Company

  • 50 lbs Maris Otter
  • Gift Card
  • 2 t-shirts
  • RRBC hoodie

Beer Crazy

  • $50 Gift Card
  • T-shirt, hat
  • Chalkboard Tap Handle

Arrowhead Hops

  • 1 lb Columbus Hops

El Bait Shop

  • Gift Card

Midwest Supplies

  • 5 x $15 Gift Cards
  • 6 Pint Glasses
  • 2 t-shirts

Northern Brewer

  • 2 x $15 Gift Cards
  • 3 t-shirts
  • Pint Glasses


  • 2 Stocking Caps
  • 2 t-shirts
  • Work Shirt
  • Surly Stickers


  • 5 gallon CO2 Fill


  • Handheld brewpub finder


  • "Clone Brews" book


2011 ABL Open Competition


2011 ABL Open Entries


We had a great time judging our annual ABL Open Competition on the 3rd.  There were a lot of great beers entered this year, and it was a great opportunity for our judges to get in some practice.





2011 Thirsty Classic - Entries and Judges Needed



Entries are accepted between April 25, 2011 and May 8, 2011. Entry fees will be $6 per entries.  Two 12 oz bottles are required for each entry.  Judges may bring their beers the day of the competition, if their beers are registered and the fees paid by May 8, 2011. Judging will be Saturday, May 14, 2011.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided to judges and stewards.

Entry Mailing Address:

Millstream Brewing Company
c/o Teresa Albert/THIRSTY
835 48th Avenue
Amana, IA 52203



ABL Raffle Success


Our annual raffle this year was our biggest fundraiser so far.  With all the generous donations, we were able to raise over $1,000 to help fund club activities and other functions!  I've listed all the donations we've received below.  I'm pretty sure I got everything listed, but if I happened to forget something, please email the club list and I'll get it fixed.  I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the raffle and bought tickets as well as all the companies that were generous enough to provide donations. Thank you again for all your support!  We couldn't do it without you.


Olde Main

  • 2 x $25 gift cards

  • 2 glasses

  • 2 t-shirts

  • 50 lb sack of Old World Pilsner


Court Ave

  • 50 lbs Belgian Pilsner

  • 50 lbs Golden Promise

  • 50 lbs Midnight Wheat


Rock Bottom

  • Base Malt

  • Zeus Hops

  • Free Drink Coupons – around 30


White Labs

  • 4 50% off coupons

  • 3 White Labs T-Shirts



  • Savor Polo

  • 2 GAFB hats

  • GABF T-shirt

  • 4 GABF Tasting Glasses (1 broke)

  • Sam Adams Glass

  • Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels

  • Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher


Surly Brewing Company

  • Surly Hat

  • Surly T-shirt

  • Surly Girls T-Shirt


El Bait Shop

  • $25 Gift Card


Malty Tasking

  • MaltyTasking T-Shirts

  • ABL Acrylic Coasters

  • ABL Wood Ornaments

Granite City

  • 100 lbs CaraMunich III

  • 50 lbs Crystal 70/80

  • 50 lbs Munich

  • 50 lbs Golden Naked Oats

  • 2 lbs Summit Hops (18.5% AA)


Beer Crazy

  • $50 Gift Card

  • 4 beer signs

  • T-shirt

  • 2 hats


Raccoon River Brewing Company

  • Gift Card for sack of grain

  • Gift Card for 1 lb hop pellets

  • Gift Card for 1 growler refill

  • RRBC Sweatshirt


Northern Brewer

  • 2 NB $15 gift certs

  • 2 NB Shirts

  • 2 NB Mugs

  • 4 NB Posters


Midwest Supplies

  • 5 $10 Gift Certificates

  • 2 Midwest Work Shirts

  • Brew Hauler

  • Mountable Bottle Opener

  • 1 lb PBW



  • 4 Coupons for Yeast

  • Bottle Openers

  • 4 Wyeast T-Shirts



  • Extract w/ Grains Kit

  • Bottle Caps




Annual ABL Raffle on January 11th



We will be holding our annual raffle on January 11th starting at 7:00pm at Wallaby's restaurant.  The goal of the raffle is to raise money for the club in order to fund our various events throughout the year.  Last year we were able to raise a good amount of money and hope to top that this year if possible.


AHA Club Only Competition Schedule

AHA Club Only Competition Link


Several members suggested the ABL start entering the AHA Club-Only Competitions, which seems like a great idea to me.  I've posted a link to the competition schedule above for you to take a look at.  Basically, those who were interested would bring an entry to a meeting, and several of us would get together and decide which beer the club would enter.  The entry fee and shipping will be provided by the club to send the winner's beer off to the competition.



Mead Classes - Olde Main Meetings Canceled until September


Several ABL members are attending weekly mead classes at Mark and Colette's house in preparation for a mead exam in September.  The Olde Main meetings will be canceled until September when the mead classes and exam will be finished.  Those of you who still want to head to Olde Main are welcome, but just know there won't be a "formal" meeting there.



American Homebrew Conference 2010

Several ABL members attended the 2010 American Homebrew Conference in Minneapolis, MN this year since it was so close.  We served a ton of beer on club night and every one had a blast.  David's Gratzer and Mark's Flanders Red were our most popular beers of the evening.  We even got a picture of David with Randy Mosher, author of Radical Brewing, who loved his Gratzer and kept sending people to our booth to try it.  David's sake also went over very will with the crowd.  For more pictures, click the Pictures link at the top of the screen or click HERE.


2009 ABL Raffle


Since our December 2009 raffle was snowed out, we held the raffle on January 12th meeting instead.  With all our donations, we were able to raise $545 to help fund the club for the year.  Everyone walked away with some very nice prizes.  Here is a list of items that were donated to the club from various local and national organizations:


Court Ave Brewing

  • 4 Perlick faucets with plastic inside parts
  • 50 lb sack Marris Otter Malt
  • 50 lb sack French Pilsner Malt
  • 50 lb sack Crystal 40

Raccoon River Brewing Co.

  • Gift Certificate for 50 lb sack of grain
  • T-shirt
  • 2 pint glasses
  • Hooded sweatshirt (L)

Rock Bottom

  • Four $25 gift cards

Granite City

  • Free Mug Club Membership
  • $25 Gift Card

Olde Main

  • 2 glasses
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 2 x $25 Gift Cards


  • Gift Certificate for 50 lb Sack of grain
  • Hats
  • T-shirts

Powder Keggers

  • T-shirts


  • Gift Certificate for Free CO2 fill

Steve Becker/Malty Tasking

  • Lift the Limit/IBU t-shirts
  • Malty Tasking keg labels

Beer Crazy

  • $50 Gift Card
  • $25 Gift Card
  • Beer Signs

Northern Brewer

  • 2 Northern Brewer Mugs
  • 2 $15 gift cards
  • XL long sleved NB t-shirt
  • 3 NB posters

Austin Homebrew

  • 3 Membership Packages


  • $80 gift cards (4x$20)


  • T-shirt
  • Magnet, coaster, sticker, bottle opener


  • Forever Red recipe kit
  • Bottle caps
  • Carboy cap w/ transfer port

White Labs

  • 2 t-shrits
  • Five 50% off coupons for yeast vials
  • Yeast posters

US Wellness

  • Cocoa Power

Scott Dennis

  • Gift Certificate – 1 lb Zeus Hops
  • Gift Certificate – 1 lb Willamette





New Pictures Posted

Pictures of the 2009 Mead Day and Granite City tour have been posted in the Pictures section.  Click the Pictures link at the top of the page to see the updated photos.


2009 Iowa State Fair Beer Competition Results

The results are in for the 2009 Iowa State Fair, and several members of the ABL did very well.  The excel spreadsheet can be opened under our Files menu at the top of the page, or you can click HERE to open and/or save it.


Olde Main Meetings Starting Again

We have finished the BJCP class, so our meetings at Olde Main will resume starting on May 26th.  Bring some homebrews and enjoy some beer sampling and brewing discussion.  If you have any questions, send an email to


BJCP Class

The BJCP classes will be starting January 27. If you are planning on attending the classes send Mark an email.  This will allow him to put together a mailing list for the class. The cost for the class will be $50 per person to cover samples and supplies. This will need to be paid when you come to the first class. There is an additional cost of $50 to take the test. You can attend the classes and not take the test. The test will be given on Saturday May 9th.


Because of the BJCP class, our Olde Main meetings will be temporarily cancelled until the class is over in May.  Members can still meet on the 4th Tuesday at Olde Main if they want, but know that the majority of people who have come to these meetings will be attending the BJCP class.  A schedule for the class can be opened and printed below.


2009 BJCP Study Session Syllabus



Powder Kegger 2009

This event was setup by the people at Full Court Press and is designed to teach women more about beer.  Each month will feature different beer styles as well as food pairings.  See the flyer below for more information.


Powder Kegger 2009

ABL Beer Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who entered beer and participated in this year's judging.  Eric graciously hosted the event at his house and did a great job at organizing the competition even with the short notice.  Below you will find a spreadsheet of the results.  Prizes will be given out for Best of Show as well as the top score, which Todd and Becka won.


ABL 2008 Competition Results

2009 Raffle Success!

Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets to support the Ames Brewers League.  We made over $400 for the club at the raffle off donations from several local and online vendors.  Here's a list of the items that we raffled off.  Hopefully I got everything that was raffled off.  It's basically from memory, so I may be missing a few items.

  • Olde Main - $50 in gift cards, Sample 6 Pack, Dinky T-Shirt (remember you can take it to Olde Main and get another size)

  • Court Ave Brewing - 55 lb sacks of base malt, Amber (15-23L), and Tom Fawcett Pale Crystal (20-25L)

  • Beer Crazy - $50 in in gift cards and a drip tray

  • Malty Tasking - Hat and several keg labels

  • Northern Brewer - $30 in gift cards and t-shirts

  • Midwest Supplies - carboy carrier, bottle opener, hydrometer, PBW, other merchandise

  • Wyeast - Yeast coupons and keychain bottle openers

  • White Labs - Yeast coupons, glassware, and t-shirts

  • Austin Homebrew - t-shirts and stickers

  • Rock Bottom - glasses

  • Cargill - t-shirt

Our second monthly meeting will be held at Olde Main on December 23rd.  It's a little close to the holiday, but I think we'll still have it for those who want to come.  I'm planning on going, so you won't have to worry about being the only one there :-) 

Also remember that our style of the month for January is open to anything.  Whatever you want to bring and have judged will be accepted.  I'll get a full list of styles and update the website.




December Meeting (Dec 2nd)

Our December meeting had to be moved up a week due to a conflict at Wallaby's.  The new date for the meeting will be December 2nd starting at 7:00 pm.  We will be judging Big beers, and then hold a raffle afterwards to raise money for the club.  There are all kinds of things to be raffled off including the following items:


- Five $10 gift certificates to Beer Crazy in Urbandale, IA

- Gift Certificates to Olde Main Brewing

- A couple sacks of grain from Court Ave Brewing Company

- Stickers and t-shirts from Austin Homebrew

- Merchandise from Midwest Supplies

- Mugs, t-shirts, stickers, yeast coupons from White Labs

- Yeast from Wyeast

- Items from Danstar

- Items from MoreBeer


If you've got any brewing equipment laying around that you'd like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated.  The more items we have to raffle off, the more money we can make for the club.  We'd like for everyone to walk away with a prize of some sort after the raffle is done.  I hope to see you all on December 2nd.


2008 ABL Mead Day

The 2008 ABL mead day was a great time this year.  We had Curt Stock come down from Minnesota to give a mead demonstration, and he was generous enough to bring a LARGE sampling of different meads he and his wife have made over the years.  In case you haven't heard of them, Curt and Kathy Stock are very well known meadmakers and have won several competitions including being awarded meadmaker(s) of the year in 2005.  It was definitely an honor to have Curt come down and give our club members some pointers about meadmaking.  Below, you can download a couple articles that Curt has used while giving mead presentations that do a great job at explaining his process as well as several different kinds of honey he has used.


BYO Melomel Article


Mead Day Talk 2006


2008 Iowa State Fair Results


The results are in!  Several of our members did very well in this competition, so congratulations to all who entered.  The results are posted under the Files section, or you can access the results from the link below:


2008 Iowa State Fair Results


ABL to Hold Second Monthly Meeting at Olde Main

* Starting February 26th *


As was discussed in the February meeting, the ABL will start holding a second monthly meeting at the Olde Main Brew Pub on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  The meetings will start at 7:00 PM just as the current ones and go until whenever.  The exact location of the meetings will be on the upper level of Olde Main on the restaurant side.  If you can't find it, ask one of the hosts/hostesses or bartenders.


During this meeting, the club will try to invite a guest speaker to discuss topics relevant to beer and beer brewing (for a list of past speakers, check out the bottom of the Information Page).  After the speaker is finished giving his or her presentation, we will open the meeting to general discussion including recipe formulation, brewing gadgets, or anything else members wish to talk about.  Bringing samples of homebrew is encouraged, as a large portion of this meeting will consist of sampling members' homebrew and giving feedback.  We may also use these meetings to visit or tour breweries in the surrounding areas, so be sure to check the website and Yahoo! Group before heading to Olde Main.


The first of these new meetings will be February 26th, and we hope to have Puff from Olde Main as our first guest speaker.


Lift the Limit Bill Started


Like most beer loving people living in Iowa, I'm sick of the 6% limit that's put on craft and commercial brewers.  The Iowa Brewers Union (IBU) has been working with local representatives to get this legislation changed so our brewers will have more freedom with the beers that they brew.  For more information related to this movement, check out the IBU Website and be sure to contact your local representatives to let them know your feelings on this important issue.  The more people who email and call them, the better the chances of this bill getting passed.


7th Annual Upper Mississippi Mash-Out

We hope members of the Ames Brewers League will visit the Mash-Out Web page for details on one of the top homebrew contests in the country.  The Mash-Out offers fabulous prizes for every winner and hand-made wooden chalices for best-of-show winners in beer, mead and cider categories.  This AHA/BJCP-sanctioned contest is organized by the St. Paul Homebrewers Club and the Minnesota Home Brewer’s Association. 

The Mash-Out is the opening event in the High Plains Brewer of the Year Award 2008, the Midwest Brewer of the Year Award 2008 and the MCAB 2009.

Key Dates:

Jan. 1-12, entries accepted

Jan. 25-26, judging at the Klub Haus in St. Paul

Jan. 26, “Why Don't We Brew It In The Robe?” - BELGIUM!  themed beer banquet and awards ceremony


Outsiders are very welcome.  Judges and volunteers are pampered with an in-door “Pub Crawl,” a Brewpub Brewers Forum, commemorative pint glasses and the opportunity to pre-order growlers from Minnesota brewpubs. We also have Guest Speaker: Stan Hieronymous, author of "Brew Like A Monk".  It’s a lot of fun, and you can sign up now.

Banquet in Belgium

Chef Manfred Krug is going wild with a Belgian-themed menu this year.  “Why Don't We Brew It In The Robe?” at the Belgian banquet on Jan. 26.  The cost is $30.  The complete menu will be posted in the near future.

Special Events

Back by popular demand:  the Eis-Anything category.  Put the cold weather to practical use by doing ice versions of your beer, mead or cider creations.  Multiple entries allowed.  New this year are TWO New Entrant categories – 1060+ and 1060- gravities.  If you haven’t entered a beer contest before, this one is for you. 

Everyone is sure to have a NICE time at the Mash-Out 2008.  We hope to see you there!

Ames Brewers League BMC Homebrew Competition Results

Here are the results for the Ames Brewers League, Beer, Mead and Cider Home Brew Contest (ABL BMC HBC).  The full results can be downloaded below.

BOS overall and BOS All Grain: Ryan McHone Northern English Brown Ale

(Beer Crazy Gift Certificate)

Reserve BOS and Reserve BOS All Grain: Randy Farwell, Strong Scottish Ale

(Free 2008 ABL Membership)

BOS Extract and 3rd BOS Overall: Rebecca and Todd Walker, Schwarzbeir

(Olde Main Gift Certificate)

Most improvement award: Randy Farwell, Brown Porter

(Brewing Classic Styles Book)

ABL BMC HBC Results.xls

Ames Brewers League BMC Contest - December 1st

Open to all ABL members. You must have attended a meeting in 2007 to
be eligible. Better if you have paid dues, but I will let that slide
this time.

 All BJCP Categories accepted. No minimum on category size so similar
styles will judge together.

Contest will follow all applicable BJCP rules for beer, mead and

Two bottles per entry to be considered for Best of Show, otherwise
one bottle is OK.

Entry fee = $1 entry to cover cost of supplies (Paper, cups, etc.)

Judging will be Saturday December , 2007 in Eric's heated garage. Lunch will
be provided as-well-as decent beer and munchies.

Entries accepted now until contest day.

Prizes awarded for category winners, BOS and ????.

The purpose of this low pressure contest is to give members who would
not normally enter or attend a BJCP contest the chance to do and to
actively participate as a judge or steward regardless of BJPC
standing. Members will judge beer, mead and cider according to the
2004 BJCP Style guidelines and will receive feedback on their entries.

Winners will be recognized at the December 2007 ABL Meeting.

Please use these forms. Recipes are not required unless you would
like to include them.

Brewer Entry Form http://www.bjcp. org/BJCP_ EntryRecipe. pdf

Bottle ID Form http://www.bjcp. org/BJCP_ BottleID. pdf

Any questions, please e-mail Eric Armstrong eska@isunet. net or
ekarmst@iastate. edu

More details as the contest date nears.


Iowa Festival of Beers

Eric, Mark, Collette, and I had a great time at the Iowa Festival of Beers this past weekend (September 2nd) at the Millstream Brewery in Amana, IA.  It provided us with a great opportunity to meet members of homebrew clubs from all around Iowa, as well as many head brewers from the various brew-pubs and breweries.  Our club brought 3 beers and 1 mead to represent the Ames Brewers League at the festival.  Mark provided a keg of his Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, Collette brought a keg of her black raspberry mead, Eric brought his Belgian Saison (Farmhouse Ale), and I tossed in a keg of American Wheat.  The festival started around 1:00pm, and we were totally out of beer by 4:30pm.  Everyone seemed to like what we had to offer, so hopefully that will get more people interested in good beer as well as homebrewing.  I'm sure those of us that attended the festival will have more to say at the upcoming meeting on September 11th.


2007 Iowa State Fair Results

The results from the 2007 State Fair are located HERE on our website, or you can download the Excel file by clicking on the link below.  Congratulations to everyone who entered!


2007 Iowa State Fair Results.xls



Barleywine Day Reminder - This Saturday!

The ABL Barleywine day will be held at Mark and Colette’s house, 25405 Sand Hill Trail this Saturday August 4th. However we are not going to make a Barleywine this year, we going to do a Big Belgian instead. Eric and I are working on the recipe. We may even try to do a mead this year although we will still hold the club’s mead day in the fall like we always have.

We will begin brewing at noon but you are welcome to stop by earlier as I will be making another batch before starting the Belgian. I will have a couple of different beers on tap as well as a mead or two. Supper will be provided after the brew is finished. Any additional snacks and drinks are always welcome, as are children, significant others or any other interested parties.


Take highway 30 East towards Nevada, the first road to the East of I35 is Sand Hill Trail. Turn South and go 1 ½ miles. The house is on the west side of the road, the driveway is just to the south of a red barn.


--Mark Simpson





ABL Barleywine Brew Day - Saturday, August 4th

The ABL will be getting together at Mark and Colette Simpson's house to brew up a batch of barleywine and socialize (drink beer).  If you are not sure of their address, please contact someone from the club via the Yahoo Group.  We are still trying to decide what beer to brew, so any suggestions would be great.  Hope to see everyone there.





Website Revision

Since taking over the website, I decided to move away from WordPress and use FrontPage to design the page with HTML.  I  made a backup of the old site before moving everything over, and the old site can still be located HERE.  For our discussion forum, I have created a Yahoo! group that can be accessed HERE.  When joining the discussion forum, be sure to select your email delivery options.  When a topic is posted, you have the option to receive an email with every message/reply or one summary email every day.  Pick whichever option that you prefer.  There is a starter topic asking everyone to post their comments and suggestions regarding the website.  Let me know what features you would like to have added or anything like that.  I will also be bringing this up in the upcoming April meeting.


Click here to join amesbrewersleague
Click to join amesbrewersleague



Congratulations to Mark for winning BOS at the 2007 IBU Open, his third BOS in 3 years at this contest. This is quite an accomplishment. Also, congratulations to Matt Nelson for placing two beers in challenging catagories


For the complete list of winners, click HERE.




BJCP Study Session Schedule

BJCP Study seesions will start on January 23, 2007 at Eric’s house. Google or mapquest my address if you do not know where I live. Mark will be away for the first two sessions so We will meet at my house. First session is doctored beers. Please print out a study guide for the first meeting from at this link. We will all pitch in for sample beers (Mark has the list) and follow the syllabus which is listed. If you have questions, please e-mail or call me 292-0631.

Eric Armstrong
4009 Phoenix St.
Ames, IA 50014

Here is the syllabus: Thanks Mark

BJCP Study Session Syllabus

4/3/07 Class 9: Strong Ale, Sour Ale
Strong Ale
19A. Old Ale
19B. English Barleywine
19C. American Barleywine
Sour Ale
17A. Berliner Weisse
17B. Flanders Red Ale
17C. Flanders Brown / Oud Bruin
17D. Straight (Unblended) Lambic
17E. Gueuze
17F. Fruit Lambic
Tech Topic: Troubleshooting I. Includes discussion of how positive and negative attributes are perceived and produced, the beer styles with which they may be associated and corrective measures.

4/10/07 ABL Meeting

4/12/07 Class 10: Belgian Strong Ale (Thursday Night)
Belgian Strong Ale
18A. Belgian Blond Ale
18B. Belgian Dubbel
18C. Belgian Tripel
18D. Belgian Golden Strong Ale
18E. Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Tech Topic: Troubleshooting II., Review

4/14/07 BJCP Exam